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Stop Sharing Your Hard Earned Money!

You Can Have 100% Commission!
  • Ditch the unfair, pocket-draining 70/30 splits.
  • One On One Training.
  • Professional Support Staff
  • Direct Broker Access
  • In House Transaction Co-Ordinator
  • Referral Program
  • Meeting room avaiable
  • No Mandatory Meetings

Why Switch To Ascent Realty Group

Enjoy MORE Control Over Your Business!
  • Free E & O
  • Workers Comp Insurance
  • Paperless Transactions
  • In House Loan Broker
  • Free Website
  • Business Cards and Signs
  • Office Space Available
  • Broker Available 24/7

Now You Too Can Discover America’s Best Kept Secret For Becoming A Top Real Estate Agent!

About Us

When I first obtained my salesperson license in 1999, I noticed many of the people taking their core classes with me were just getting their feet wet in the real estate industry. In fact, the majority of my fellow students had no previous or current employment in real estate but rather had full or part time jobs in unrelated industries. Given this there was a bit of intimidation and mis-information on their part as to how to best go about becoming sponsored by a broker while maintaining their current profession. If this sounds familiar to you, you are not alone. This is in part why Ascent Realty Group was created back in 2000 and has steadily grown ever since. By offering several sponsorship plans we allow agents new to the real estate profession to ease into the industry while keeping costs down, yet still maintain their current profession. Our low overhead costs are what allow us to keep your sponsorship costs down. In addition Ascent Realty Group offers a service for industry veterans looking to branch out and start their own business and keep more of their hard earned commissions in their pockets. This sponsorship option was created in response to conversations with agents who were tired and frustrated of high commission splits and desk fees. As a result we offer no commission splits, no desk fees and unique solutions which allow our agents to work independently, hire their own agents and brand their own business, not someone else’s.

100% Commission Real Estate!

At Ascent Realty Group, not only do we offer California Real Estate Agent’s 100% commission, we also provide the support you need to run a successful Real Estate Business.The most successful people are always the ones that are most acceptable to change. The future of California Real Estate Brokerages is changing fast! The best part about these changes is that they are all in the best interest of you as the Agent! Statistics show that most people become Real Estate Agents for this one reason… COMMISSIONS! So we offer 100% commission to all our California Real Estate Agents. Statistics also show that the biggest challenges Agents face today is more LEADS… Your prayers have been answered! We show you the method’s that are working in today’s market to generate a massive flood of new business online. At Ascent Realty Group we have the solution you have been looking for! 100% Commission on your Real Estate closings and the flexibility to run your business the way YOU WANT. When you join the Ascent Realty Group Family you will earn 100% commission on all your California real estate deals and have access to the top turn-key lead generation systems on the planet today!


Ascent Realty Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer and the best and most economical agent focused, one hundred percent commission broker in the business to help agents make 100% in California.The broker is behind the agents and believes in the real estate business and wants all agents who are ethical, honest and trustworthy to make the most money possible with the broker backing them in their real estate careers. The best way to do this is to get as much money in your pocket as possible from every single closing.


Ascent Realty Group is made up of a wonderful team of experienced real estate professionals, dedicated to helping our clients make informed and accurate decisions when buying and selling real estate. We embrace advanced technologies and innovation to enhance the customer experience, without replacing the personalized service we so strongly believe.
Our primary focus is helping our clients buy or sell property, in the least amount of time, for the best possible price. At Ascent Realty Group, that’s what we do best!

About Broker

Mohammad Ashraf

I am a licensed real estate broker and loan originator with extensive experience having been active in real estate through the recent recession. Running a real estate brokerage for over 19 years combined with my additional background in lending and banking has given me the ability to handle difficult transactions and help my realtors with:

  • negotiating effectively for their clients
  • property valuations
  • contract understanding
  • marketing strategies
  • understanding real estate law

Our management team has a diverse background in business, as well as virtually every aspect and niche of the real estate industry; residential and commercial sales, REO disposition and loss mitigation, short sale negotiations, escrow, appraising, home inspections, real estate law, etc.

Ascent Realty Group is a 100% Commission Broker

Ascent Realty Group Back's the Community

Perhaps the most exciting part of Ascent Realty Group  is our commitment to giving back and supporting our community. Because there have been so many people that have helped us get to where we are today, we feel compelled to give back. To do our part, each of our associates are encouraged to designate a local charity and commit to a donation for each transaction they close.

Our online property search and home pricing technologies are the most innovative available in the world today! By utilizing these amazing tools we ultimately save our clients time and money. After all, the idea is to buy or sell a property in the shortest time possible, and for the best price! That’s what we do!

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