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How to Run a Wildly Successful Real Estate Business in Just One Hour a Day!

FROM Sacramento To Los Angeles California Realtors. You need a recognized real estate company.

We’re it.

We Help Real Estate Agents Succeed

For the past several years, Ascent Realty Group has been providing agents throughout California with a better alternative to outdated commission splits offered by “traditional brokerages”, innovative training and marketing solutions, and world class broker support.

Founded by agents who started their real estate careers with “traditional brokerages” and envisioned a better way, Ascent Realty Group is fueled by the shared belief and passion that the agents are the driving force behind a successful brokerage, and high commission split/low support brokerages are a thing of the past.

We are brokers and agents ourselves and know the triumphs of closing a deal you worked hard for as you felt the inspiration of helping someone buy or sell their first home. We dedicate ourselves to you and as we grow, promise to you nothing but support, innovation and as much money in your pocket as possible.


We want you to know, all the promises made here are true. Yes, it really is possible to have $10,000 months, $100,000 months or $1,000,000 months with Ascent Realty Group. We’ve seen it, and fortunately and gratefully, We have been a part of windfall months like these. And THE KEY that opens the real estate and mortgage vault? COMPELLING, HIGH-CONVERTING LEADS And that’s what it is all about–the nuts and bolts of real estate business that converts prospects into buyers, customers and sales. We have system in place And We’re going to do our absolute best to show you how.

The firm was one of the first to establish a 100 percent commission program; with over 19 years in the industry, Ascent Realty Group has been diligently dedicated in providing all of our agents with the best support available and all of the necessary tools for a profitable endeavor.

At Ascent Realty Group, we have a wonderful team, with the experience, resources, and track record to manage any type of real estate transaction. We also have a large team of associates, always at the ready to be of service to us and our clients. Our team members have successfully completed many transactions, from the standard home sale, to the most complex and difficult. At Ascent Realty Group, our customers can be assured they have not just one agent, but an entire team of real estate professionals ready to be of service.

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