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Take what’s yours, Join Ascent Realty Group today by following these 3 simple steps:

Three steps to Join:

1. Print, sign and fax the CONTRACTOR AGREEMENT to(916) 200-5006 or email to

2. Log into, click eLicensing; sign in and initiate a change of employment to Ascent Realty Group DRE Lic #01266029.

3. Please include a copy of your DRE license and drivers license. Note: You can always print a free copy of your DRE license when you log into your eLicensing account.

NOTE: As soon as you complete the first two steps and we accept your DRE broker change, you may start closing deals immediately. Please contact us with any questions.

You’re About to Discover the Secrets of Real Estate Business the Quick and Easy Way – Even if You Think Condo and HOA are Government Agencies!

I understand that not every Realtor wants to have a traditional model they are obligated to work within. I support your creativity to think outside the box as long as you are being ethical, honest and working within the law. With new brokerages popping up all the time with creative options for buyers and sellers, now you can do it as well.

As a realtor myself, I’m well aware of the financial impact we experience when having to pay such a large percentage of our hard earned commissions back to our broker. Certainly, there are benefits and some brokers do offer a good amount of support and training. Still, you don’t need to do the math to see, it just doesn’t add up! Even after massaging the numbers, it becomes painfully obvious the amounts paid by the realtors to their brokers is often much too excessive. Think about it. If it’s training and inspiration you need, it’s all available online and it’s usually free!

“If you’re struggling managing your business, may I make a quick suggestion? There’s a way to automate 40 plus apps into real estate marketing –AND bring your business under control at a cost of couple of dollar per day. No, it does not require a genius, it’s completely simple. In fact, with ARG’s preferred systems, you can look forward to the day you get off your unpredictable sales career and start a full grip over your entire business. Expecting great things for you, Mohammad Ashraf / Broker. I encourage you to get started today. Click Here


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