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We are brokers and agents ourselves and know the triumphs of closing a deal you worked hard for as you felt the inspiration of helping someone buy or sell their first home. We dedicate ourselves to you and as we grow, promise to you nothing but support, innovation and as much money in your pocket as possible.

Our team is beyond knowledgeable on all of the real estate market’s changing trends, which is a valuable asset for clients looking to purchase or invest by either buying, selling, or leasing.

We have made full use of the technology available in today’s marketplace, utilizing cutting edge software and systems to apply a very streamlined approach to our transaction process. This allows our staff to focus their attention on the needs of our agents, and allows our agents to keep 100% Commission while doing what they do best…selling real estate! The result is a company environment that is efficient, productive, and maintains a support system that is second to none.

You’re about to discover a system
you can use  for your prospects and clients to get them to send you business again and again!  

Be your own boss. Do what you love.

There has been a lot of talk about of 100% agencies lately, Just a couple of years back this would have been perceived as heresy by most brokers, but in the current housing market it makes a lot of sense. In fact it appears to be winning business model for the modern real estate brokerage firm.

As of right now California real estate demands and prices are at their peak and the majority of brokers doesn’t have problem with cash flow, as a result, the trend is for overhead costs to grow precariously high.

Brokers are investing money in prestigious office locations, impressive office furnishings and equipment, unnecessary meeting rooms along with other accessories that will portray their business as a model of financial success” If looks could kill”, this trend did an impressive job.

Now You Too Can Save Time by Using These Simple Organization Secrets! 

Work From anywhere

Ascent Realty Group prides itself with the agent tools we provide to work more efficiently and streamline transactions. A cornerstone of this technology is our paperless transaction management software used by the top agencies in the nation. This program seamlessly integrates into our agent dashboard, and take all your transaction and related documents online. You can access from anywhere, anytime or any browser. You will be able to scan, email or directly upload paperwork and stay organised and that will immediately let you know where the contract is in the process. You can email contracts to clients, lenders and the title companies right in our system.

Office Locations and Meeting Rooms

Ascent Realty group has a main office located at 7803 Laguna Blvd, Ste 200, Elk Grove Ca 95758. We have office space & meeting rooms available if our agents need to meet with clients and you can also gain access to over 1,000 locations throughout the United States.

Find a Regus office location and plan pricing at their website:


Think Ascent Realty group would be a good fit for you and your real estate business?

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All ARG & AHL Provided Leads 50/50 Split

0$ Per Month

$995 Transaction Fee Per Closing
($1495 on closings greater than $450K)
Commercial: 80/20 Split
Add Transaction Coordination $395 Per Closing (Dual side $695)

One Solution To Rule Them All, Earn more, work less!

Unique and powerful suite of software to run your entire business, brought to you by a company with the long term vision to transform the way you work.Experience the Operating System for Business.

At $69.00 / month Optional* all  ARG associates receive a customizable website to show to clients and leads. You can edit pages, add your biography and photos, and write blog content.

Also, there’s an MLS search built-in so your clients can search for homes (Optional).

On the back-end of the site is a login with a fully featured client relationship management system. Keep track of all of your leads and follow ups in one location!

Lastly, there is an email marketing system built in so you can put your contacts on regular messaging schedules. Start a client newsletter or send birthday greetings!

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